Some of the people I know love using a BEHR paint rebate to soften the blow of the upkeep of their house, and who could blame them? Buying supplies for home maintenance is something that a lot of homeowners share.

Buying supplies for home maintenance is just one of those things that we need whether we like it or not. I, and I’m sure plenty of you will agree with me, believe that my home, barring my family of course, is my greatest investment. I have worked hard for my house and I won’t stand idly by as its value depreciates, which is why I do most of the work on my house myself.

There are a lot of ways to lower the cost of your expenses when you start repainting the house. I am going to share a few tips that I have found to be effective in lowering the cost of buying fresh paint.


Watch out for opportunities that offer a BEHR paint rebate

BEHR Paints CouponsI am a firm believer that rebates, along with coupons and sales, are the best marketing tools that manufacturers and retailers have come up with. Rebates are a great way to reduce the cost of fresh new paint. Of course that doesn’t mean that rebates don’t have a few disadvantages.

Rebates are cool and can come in different varieties. Some rebates are mailed while others are even deposited to a Paypal account. I however, prefer instant rebates above all else, which is basically me getting my rebate after I have made my purchase of fresh new paint.


Discounts and sales are great too

Manufacturers and retailers may offer their products at a discount or at a very low price during a sale. The real challenge is knowing when to expect these discount sales. There are certain parts of the year where sales and discounts are very common.

Black Fridays are always a good bet that supplies for working on the house are on sale. Most retailers also offer discounts during spring when a lot of homeowners start shopping so they can work on their house. Some retailers also like to do their own sales; Home Depot for example did this during Labor Day.


Clip, print, or just code, coupons are also great for lowering prices

BEHR Paints CouponsI used to clip coupons and find ways to use them just for the sake of buying something at a lower price. There was a time when the coupons I used to cut back on my expenses were cut outs from the newspaper or something. Things have changed.

The internet is a very powerful and versatile tool. I’ve found dozens of coupons for some of my groceries. BEHR is no different. There are websites that offer digital coupons. A person simply needs to print their digital coupon or get a code and use it for a discount.


Search the Web for a BEHR paint rebate

Some of the best rebate opportunities can be found online. Like coupons, a person simply needs to go online and do a little digging. Eventually you will hit pay dirt and all that time and effort of sitting on a chair, typing, and surfing the web will pay off. Don’t be afraid if you aren’t internet savvy, looking for a BEHR paint rebate can sometimes be as easy as typing it on a search engine and clicking the first link that pops up.