A lot of people I know think that a BEHR paint sale is the best way to buy their paints cheap, which is probably true. Getting good quality BEHR paint for cheap can often be done by making a purchase during a sale. But, sales don’t happen all year long and sometimes people are forced to pay retail.

No one really wants to pay retail. We all want a good bargain. This is especially true for the supplies that we use to work on our homes. My house is my biggest and greatest investment, I go  to painstaking lengths to make sure to do some regular maintenance.

If you really want to save up on your paint then there are other ways out there to get the paint for a cheap price. Coupons and rebates are other alternatives for people who want to buy paint for cheap, but can’t because there isn’t a sale. Below are some of the best ways to buy BEHR paint at a lower price point.


A BEHR paint sale is a no brainer

BEHR Paints CouponsFirst off, let’s get rid of the obvious. If you need paint and there is a sale then by all means go for it. Buying home maintenance supplies at a low cost is one of the best ways to get the best value out of your home.

It is also a good idea to just buy paint during a sale sometimes. When I have no paint at home and I’m sure that I’m going to work on the house in the near future I go right ahead and buy some. I usually buy a little bit more than what I actually need just to make sure that I wouldn’t have to make a purchase when I’m doing the actual work on my house.


 Look for discount coupons

A man can learn a great deal from a woman or as I like to call her, my wife. My wife saved us a ton of money, in the long run, by clipping all those newspaper coupons. I was surprised to discover that there are coupons for almost everything.

Now looking for discount coupons for paint on a newspaper can be hit or miss. I usually go online to look for coupons. It might not be a lot, but it’s still better than having to pay a retail price on paint.


 Rebates are also important

BEHR Paints CouponsA rebate is basically a marketing incentive made by marketers to increase the sale of their products. The great thing about these rebates is that they can be offered by either the manufacturer or the retailer. It’s always nice to see some of the money I spent on something going back to me, even if it is a tiny fraction.


A BEHR paint sale is a common sight during spring

Spring is that time of the year when I do the maintenance work on my house as so do most people. Lots of home supplies retailers know this which is why they have special sales and deals during this time of the year. This is probably the best time of the year to look for a BEHR paint sale.